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Since the conception of Fire Safety Management and disaster preparedness, the availability of fire safety plan signs to communicate key safety information to occupants and evacuees has been essential. This includes occupants of buildings, ships, and offshore platforms. JALITE photoluminescent fire safety plan signs are designed according to the principles in BS ISO 23601:2020, for the fire safety, escape, evacuation, and escape of occupants.

JALITE photoluminescent fire safety plan signs are designed according to the layout of the facility. These safety plans are placed throughout each area, on each floor, to indicate the location of the current user of the safety plan, as well as escape routes and fire alarm zones. This is essential during an emergency evacuation, especially for visitors who may be unfamiliar with the layout of the facility and may find it difficult to escape otherwise.

JALITE photoluminescent safety plans are designed with graphical symbols in BS EN ISO 7010:2020 showing the location of emergency and firefighting equipment. Occupants will be assured of their current position in the building, ships, or offshore platform, in all lighting conditions after the installation of JALITE photoluminescent fire safety plans. In this way JALITE photoluminescent safety plans are a key component to overall safety way guidance systems, enabling evacuees to escape to a place of safety.

All JALITE photoluminescent fire safety plans are always designed according to your existing emergency evacuation procedures.

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BS ISO 17398:2004 - Safety colours and safety signs. Classification performance and durability of signs.

DIN 67 510 Part 1: 2009 - Phosphorescent pigments and products- measurement and identification by the manufacturer.

DIN 67 510 Part 4: 2008 - Phosphorescent pigments and products- luminance requirements for photoluminescent materials.

BS ISO 3864-1:2011 - Graphical symbols- Safety colours and safety signs- Part 1: Design principles for safety signs and safety markings.

BS ISO 3864-4:2011 - Graphical symbols- Safety colours and safety signs- Part 4: Colorimetric and photometric properties of safety sign materials.

BS ISO 16069:2017 - Graphical symbols- Safety signs- Safety way guidance systems (SWGS).

BS EN ISO 7010:2020: Graphical symbols- Safety colours and safety signs- Registered safety signs.

BS ISO23601:2020 - Safety Identification- Escape and evacuation plan signs.

BS ISO 15370: 2021 - Low location lighting on passenger ships- Arrangement.


SIZE (mm)


200 x 300


400 x 300

JALITE framing solutions are specifically manufactured for JALITE signage, especially escape route signage. Our frames enable Class C+ luminance performance of JALITE signs, whilst protecting the safety signs from damage.

JALITE offer a range of frames for safety signs with options for aluminium frames or plastics depending on the type and size of safety sign.

JALITE frames are robust and an aesthetically pleasant housing for all your safety sign requirements.

For escape route signage specifically, JALITE offer single sided and double-sided options ideal for your application needs.

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