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JALITE frames solutions have been designed to accommodate all JALITE signage, including means of escape, fire action notices and evacuation plans. These lightweight aluminium frames allow responsible persons to maintain the fire safety management of various areas, whilst incorporating a prestige and premium aesthetic. In essence, JALITE frames are a distinctive way to display our photoluminescent signage whilst assuring that these safety signs are visible. JALITE aluminium frame solutions are available as both single sided and double sided, to suspend signs where necessary. Our single sided frames can be readily mounted to the wall, especially useful for means of escape signage. The installation of these frames is simple.

JALITE fittings including our hanging kits are designed for the application of escape route signs in offices, factories, and warehouses. BS 5499-4:2013 specifies that signs should be evenly spaced and consistently located to lead occupants along the escape route. In large open spaces such as those above, escape route signs should be conspicuous and easily identifiable, with increased frequency based on viewing distances. JALITE supply you with five hanging kit options with components for various types of ceilings.

Hanging kit 1 contains self-adhesive galvanised steel ceiling pads, magnets and hanging wires, with plastic ceiling grid clips.

Hanging kit 2 contains steel wire, nickel plated collars, cable clamps, disk covers and ceiling grid clips.

Hanging kit 3 contains steel wires, brass holder and cable clamps, ceiling caps and panel clamps.

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JALITE framing solutions are specifically manufactured for JALITE signage, especially escape route signage. Our frames enable Class C+ luminance performance of JALITE signs, whilst protecting the safety signs from damage.

JALITE offer a range of frames for safety signs with options for aluminium frames or plastics depending on the type and size of safety sign.

JALITE frames are robust and an aesthetically pleasant housing for all your safety sign requirements.

For escape route signage specifically, JALITE offer single sided and double-sided options ideal for your application needs.

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