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The year 2000 brought photoluminescent systems to the forefront for emergency light and escape path marking. JALITE Photoluminescent systems offer the unique solution to failsafe emergency light and emergency exit signs under any formal risk assessment.

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A British family owned company with the highest standards and quality in photoluminescent fire safety signs. We pride ourselves on providing you as our valued authorised distributor with continued support for you and your customers. Our customer services team are only a phone call or email away to advise you and assist you.

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    • Established in 1983
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    • UK based customer services team
    • Technical support for BSI and ISO info.
    • Marketing and Literature resources
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    • 40 years of knowledge of Standards
    • In house research and development
    • Quality fire safety signs
  • Performance

    • Market leading photoluminescent material
    • Class C+ luminance performance
    • Rigid and vinyl photoluminescent material
  • Compliance

    • BS EN ISO 7010:2020
    • BS 5499-4:2013
    • BS ISO 3864-1:2011
    • DIN 67 510 Part 1:2020

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JALITE are committed to keeping our customers informed with all the pertinent news and updates to Legislation, British and International Standards, guidance, special offers and much more. Find these updates below.

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JALITE Sign Survey!

JALITE Sign Survey!

  JALITE Sign Survey! Throughout our 40-year history, JALITE have campaigned tirelessly to impress upon the fire safety industry, the importance of fire safety signs in protecting life safety. Despite the legal requirement for fire safety signs, this vital piece of fire safety equipment has often been an afterthought. For JALITE, fire safety signs are our life.  We understand through our own in-house research and development, involvement in setting British and International Standards, and from the outcomes of research into human behaviour during an emergency, how integral fire safety signs are. Moreover, when these signs are designed poorly, installed incorrectly, missing, or unmaintained, the risks to people and property only develop further. JALITE authorised distributors naturally share this same passion for quality fire safety signs, understanding how imperative safety signs are in deterring delays, and allowing evacuees to egress safely with efficiency. JALITE are looking for individuals who through completing sign surveys can be hailed fire safety sign specialists. Essentially, JALITE are looking to support individuals that can specify and/ or install fire safety signs with a methodical approach, with the confidence to advise end users in industrial and commercial and housing settings. These individuals go beyond to exceed recommendations that arise from formal fire risk assessment, working towards both compliance and conformance. In our pledge to get more feedback from you this year to build upon our services for you, we want to hear from you to determine your current capabilities to complete sign surveys. As with this information, we can then filter new business enquiries straight to you. We would also like to know if you would be interested in developing the knowledge necessary for sign surveys, which JALITE plan to facilitate. Below we will provide JALITE sign survey worksheet, with our recommended fire safety signs usually suggested for compliance. The worksheet also doubles as a resource that eases the ordering process with us for the required signs, if applicable. However, before we provide this, we thought we would touch on what a sign survey is and why the are needed. What is a Sign Survey? A sign survey is a comprehensive report to identify safety sign deficiencies within certain areas such as hospitals, factories, warehouses, retail environments etc. Responsible Persons such as building owners will often enlist the help of a sign surveyor, to begin to meet the requirements and significant findings of the formal fire risk assessment, In essence, the sign survey is a way to fulfil compliance of The Health and Safety (Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996, which mandates that safety signs be sited to minimise potential risks based upon the unique hazards of a particular environment. Sign surveys require a specialist confident in their knowledge of fire safety signs, especially as surveying is often conducted within huge multi-level areas with unique and complex potential risks. Thus, surveyors are required to be competent, confident, and knowledgeable to ensure compliance.   The sign survey must encourage consistency and uniformity that identifies, informs, instructs, and locates hazards through the following: Designs of signs Location of signs Distances between signs Sign sizes Sign types Safety sign heights. At JALITE we are notorious for combining the compliance to legislation with conformance to Standards for best code of practice, recommending the use of following photoluminescent fire safety signs: Escape route signs. Mandatory signs Prohibition signs Firefighting signs Warning signs. Click Here to open   JALITE Authorised Distributor Sign Surveyors JALITE are always inundated with enquires and requests for sign surveys from end users- your potential customers. However, as a manufacturer our only aim is to support our country wide network of authorised distributors by passing such enquiries to those who have individuals that are sign surveyors. Since our beginnings, we have strayed away from competing with our authorised distributors operating fairly by distributing work by region and your existing relationships, to filter enquiries straight to you, to help you further your business. In order to exclusively pass requests for sign surveys straight to you, please let us know if you currently have a sign surveyor on your team. JALITE Sign Survey Training If you are a JALITE authorised distributor that does not currently provide sign surveys and are interested in developing this area of your business, we want to hear from you too please. We are in the process of developing a programme as part of career development, that will equip your team with the competencies needed to complete sign surveys. With demands for Responsible Persons, service and maintenance providers, and installer’s to work together to record competencies, compliance and conformance, JALITE sign survey training is the perfect opportunity to build upon knowledge. In the current climate, it will only provide further confidence for your team, with hopes for building long term business and relationships with your existing and prospective customers. Contact us! If you have any questions about sign surveys or would like to take part in our training as part of career development, please contact us at sales@jalite.com or +44(0) 1268242300 for more information.    

Fire Extinguisher Identification Signs

Fire Extinguisher Identification Signs

  JALITE Photoluminescent Fire Extinguisher Identification Signs This month has been one for going back to basics, with one of the most prolific fire safety signs for JALITE, the fire extinguisher identification (ID) sign. As we touched on previously, our history and success can easily be tied to our design of the fire extinguisher ID, which became the blueprint for this sign type, widely used today. With popularity of the fire extinguisher ID sign, also came alternative designs for the sign, which went against the very Standards that legislation referenced for guidance. JALITE have informed legislation and contributed to Standards since our origins 4 decades ago, naturally becoming advocates for best practice and quality, in all that we do. This undoubtedly extends to the design and manufacturing of JALITE photoluminescent fire extinguisher ID signs.   With this interest in mind, we thought we would highlight the design properties of ID signs, to allow a recap, and to do our part to ensure that Responsible Persons can protect people and property, through specifying and installing compliant and conforming designs. We previously discussed specialised fire extinguisher ID signs. But this week, our emphasis is on standard fire extinguisher ID signs for the tried-and-true fire extinguishers, accepted throughout the industry. Below you’ll find some literature for JALITE fire extinguisher ID signs, a tool for a refresh on fire extinguisher ID signs, especially for new starters. However, we’ll first go into the fundamentals, briefly explaining what fire extinguisher ID signs are and why the signs are needed.   Why are Fire extinguisher ID signs Needed? Fire extinguisher ID signs are a vital piece of fire protection equipment that help to locate, identify, instruct, and inform trained personnel, on how to select and operate the fire extinguisher. Fire extinguisher ID signs are designed to meet the unique requirements of The Health and Safety (Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996. In essence, the fire extinguisher ID signs facilitate the mitigation of significant risks to health and safety, therefore people and property, often after recommended after formal risk assessment. In order to appropriately label the fire extinguisher, ID signs must therefore coincide with the classification of fire whether: Flammable solids Flammable liquids Flammable gases Combustible metals Electrical equipment Cooking oils In the event where the fire extinguisher is mislabelled, put in the incorrect place, or labelled with fire extinguisher ID signs that are non-conforming to recommendations, delays can be deadly. Click here to open   JALITE photoluminescent fire extinguisher Identification Signs JALITE photoluminescent fire extinguisher ID signs are your solution to combining the requirements of compliance and conformance. Our photoluminescent fire extinguisher ID signs are designed to the colour coding of BS 5306-10;2019 and to BS EN 3, to match the body of the fire extinguisher. To encourage familiarity, and therefore quick response times for trained personnel, JALITE photoluminescent fire extinguisher ID signs also contain the graphical symbol as per BS EN ISO 7010: 2020: A7+2023. JALITE standard photoluminescent fire extinguisher ID signs are available within 1 to 4 working days including: Water- A class wood paper and textiles fires Carbon Dioxide for B class flammable liquids and live electrical equipment fires Foam for A class and B class fires ABC Powder for A, B and C class fires and live electrical equipment fires Wet Chemical for A and F class fires JALITE photoluminescent M2 Powder fire extinguisher ID signs are now updated to the signal violet colour for D class fires, as recommended in BS 5306-10:2019. All JALITE photoluminescent fire extinguisher ID signs are available in our ID size (100 x 150mm) and M size (80 x 200mm), manufactured on JALITE AAA class C+ photoluminescent rigid PVC or self-adhesive vinyl. This undoubtedly helps Responsible Persons and installers to minimise risk, with JALITE photoluminescent signs that help locate, identify, instruct, and inform regardless of lighting and smoked filled conditions.   Personalised JALITE Photoluminescent Fire Extinguisher Identification Signs To help you with additional marketing, all standard JALITE photoluminescent fire extinguisher ID signs are easily personalised to feature your company information. Personalised fire extinguisher ID signs can be customised to include the following: Company name Telephone number Email address Barcodes and logos can also be added to standard JALITE photoluminescent fire extinguisher ID signs.   Existing JALITE customers of personalised fire extinguisher IDs have found that customisations, encourage repurchase from their existing customers, and new business from perspective customers who can order directly through you. JALITE personalised photoluminescent fire extinguisher ID signs are available to be despatched within 7 to 10 working days. Personalised JALITE photoluminescent fire extinguisher ID signs must be ordered in quantities of 400 pieces of each design. Alternatively, if you prefer to order for your yearly requirements, we can accommodate 12 monthly orders, that can be based on your monthly average orders of fire extinguisher ID signs. Despatch of such purchase orders can be arranged for a set date, for each month (subject to trade indemnity credit facilities).   Contact us for more information on JALITE photoluminescent fire extinguisher ID signs, whether personalised or standard. Our customer services team will be happy to help you at sales@jalite.com or +44(0) 1268 242 300 today.  

Specialist Fire Extinguisher ID signs

Specialist Fire Extinguisher ID signs

  Specialist JALITE Photoluminescent Fire Extinguisher Identification Signs JALITE were the official inventors and developers of fire extinguisher identification (ID) signs, way back in the 90s. Our design for photoluminescent fire extinguisher ID signs was created to satisfy the unique requirements of The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 and was the blueprint for the widely used design for ID signs that we see today. With this precedent, alongside our role in the development of standards for safety signs, we are naturally obligated to provide JALITE recommendations for existing and emerging fire extinguisher ID signs. We only want to share with you the fire extinguisher ID signs that we can authenticate and endorse, designed according to BS 5306-10:2019 for colour coding, and BS EN3. The development of technology has seen increasing demands for new fire protection, including firefighting equipment to protect people and property. JALITE customers have instinctively looked to us to provide safety signs that coincide with manufacturers specifications of fire extinguishers, with queries on availability regularly cropping up. Hence, we thought we would make life easier, and present our product page with our range of specialist photoluminescent fire extinguisher ID signs. Our aim is to at least ensure that you are aware that these signs exist as products for JALITE, signs which are ready to order and despatch within 1 to 4 working days. Before we do this however, we wanted to touch on the background for emerging fire extinguishers and corresponding fire extinguisher ID signs. Emerging Fire Extinguisher Identification Signs With electric transportation growing in popularity over recent years, there are growing concerns for overall safety implications of these convenient modes of transport. In 2022 the London Fire Brigade reported attending 87 e-bike fires and a further 29 e-scooter fires, with fires of this nature tragically claiming 11 lives in the UK last year. Whilst governments begin the quest to create regulations that protect people and property, over time manufacturers and fire safety professionals have taken the initiative to combat pending safeguarding head on. Click here to open Specialist JALITE Fire Extinguisher Identification Signs All JALITE photoluminescent specialist fire extinguisher ID signs are designed according to BS 5306-10: 2019, BS EN3, and according to manufacturer’s specifications. JALITE specialist photoluminescent fire extinguisher ID signs, particularly our L2 Powder sign is available in the colour signal violet for class D fires such as alkali metal and lithium fires. Although, there are still ongoing discussions within the industry, over the effectiveness of L2 Powder extinguishers on larger electrical fires, such as electric car fires. Current confirmation extends to effectiveness against fires of electrical equipment.  JALITE Dry Water Mist fire extinguisher ID signs, are now updated with the wording Water Mist to align with industry and manufacturers demands, for ABCF class fires and live electrical equipment. Alongside these signs, the following specialist JALITE fire extinguisher ID signs are available including: P50 Powder- ABC class fires and for live electrical equipment fires Wet Chemical- ABF class fires including for cooking oils, deep fat fires and accidental electrical contact Foam ABF class fires including for flammable gases and live electrical equipment Foam P50- for AB class fires, live electrical equipment, and flammable metal fires. All JALITE photoluminescent fire extinguisher ID signs are available in our ID size (100 x 150mm) and M size (80 x 200mm), manufactured on JALITE AAA class C+ photoluminescent rigid PVC. Continuing Updates to Fire Extinguisher Identification Signs There have been continuing debates over how effective current extinguishers on the market are in controlling battery fires, particularly electric car fires. These fires are tragically notorious for blazing in minutes. JALITE encourages these discussions with fire safety professionals and our authorised distributors, to ensure that we are constantly adapting to manufacturers specifications with JALITE photoluminescent fire extinguisher ID signs as the solution. We strive to be in line with these specifications and are equipped to provide you with bespoke photoluminescent fire extinguisher ID signs that go beyond our current specialist product range. Contact us either on +44 (0) 1268 242300 or sales@jalite.com to find out more about our specialist product range for photoluminescent fire extinguisher ID signs, and bespoke requirements too.  

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